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Reading/Viewing Lists (In Alphabetical Order)

I’ve always loved experiencing a fandom in its own chronological order. I love reading lists. So, here you can find many reading lists that I’ve put together over the years, arranged first by platform, then alphabetically.

Many franchises cover multiple platforms (books, films, video games, etc.). To categorize these franchises, I put them with the platform for which they were first produced, and is the prominent “core” medium.




Video Games


The Ultimate Fandom Timeline

What is this?

This is the Ultimate Fandom Timeline. Here, you can find the hypothetical chronological order of all fandoms if they all existed in the same universe with each other. This timeline is exclusive to LordoftheLightsaber.com. See the following blog posts for explanations about the timeline.


Many franchises (with some exceptions) try to create a canonical chronology within the different media. This means that each work of media consists on the same timeline with little or no contradictions. Basically it’s the idea that the fictional world has a “true” history, and the canonical media fits in this history. This is true of franchises like Star Wars and most newer video game franchises. Some franchises are selective on which media they consider canon, and others (especially superheroes) have multiple canons (Gold Age, Silver Age, etc). On this site I try to list just the canonical media, with a few minor exceptions which I will point out individually.